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Plank Wood Floors - wood floor products that are 3 " and wider, usually in random lengths, manufactured solid or engineered, and may be unfinished or factory finished. This product has many species and colors. Originating from European roots, plank floors were made from large cuts of native trees. This also became the staple floor for those homes in American Colonial times to those who could afford such luxury. Plank is often associated with country decor, yet a contemporary or traditional look can be achieved by using exotic species of this product. Plank wood flooring in the early days were milled at make shift saw mills at the residence from timbers that was cleared to buld the home. Many times they were very rough cut with saw mark left in the planks because sanding was not done, rather hand scrapping with has become a very popular trend into days wood floor market.


Custom Decorative Wood Flooring
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